Burrows Track Day in Sydney June 2018



The June round of the Burrows Drive Day was another sell out with Scott, Rajith & Alex joining us in the NEW group this month. There was a great mix of Elise, Exige and Evora all on track.


The June Burrows day was my first experience in the SSC garage and I have to highly commend all the staff at SSC in their efforts to make an ordinary Burrows day into an extraordinary day to remember. The guys took care of the car from the moment I arrived in the garage right through to the end of the day when Bart (Lotus Driving instructor) jumped in the car beside me and who provided really first class coaching with very clear tips and techniques which left me at the end of the day inspired knowing that my driving had improved with consistency and better lines.

To anyone thinking of investing in a sports car for Burrows days go for a walk down the pit garages and see how much support other automotive brands offer their customers.


SSC you have the right formula in customer service!

Kind Regards



To the SSC Team, thank you.


Thank you for being there when I turned up early in the morning and racing to make sure the car was prepped for it's first session.


Thank you for being there each and every time when I came in at the end of the session to tell me I hadn't put enough heat through the tires and should/could push harder (I need to work on that!)


thank you jumping in when I brought the car in mid-session with a warning light and fixing it on the spot and lastly thank you for all the laughter, banter, general awesomeness and fun that you helped to provide.


Burrows days are without a doubt the best track days I have been to. The great people, the awesome cars and the fantastic SSC Team all combine to make them incredible. 


During the day there were discussions about if money was no object what car we would turn up in. The answer for me was simple. It would be no different - the Little Blue Lotus That Could is my dream track car and will be until I get enough skills to be able to extract the full performance out of it, and maybe heat those tires up! I have no doubt that with the SSC garage behind me, and more Burrows days under my belt i'll get closer to that - and can't wait for the next one! GREAT STUFF AND BRING ON THE NEXT ONE! 



The Burrows Drive Day is a private, invite only, track day at Sydney Motorsport Park which is supported by Simply Sports Cars for Lotus & KTM owners. We have a regular booking with a limited number of places available each month which includes our exclusive pit garage facility, optional dedicated driving instructor as well as trackside mechanic & engineering support.

It's your chance to feel like a race driver for the day. Attendees are strictly owners of excotic sports cars and supercars only.
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  • -  Wednesday 15th Aug

  • -  Tuesday 9th Oc

  • -  Wednesday 14th Nov

  • -  Monday 10th Dec



Send an email to events@simplysportscars.com
- your preferred date/s
- which Option you are choosing
- preferred group & we will then confirm availability.




It was a great day, for me it was a dream come true. Can't wait till my next day in August. Thanks, Brian



SSC put on their usual display of professionalism and enthusiasm for all things Motorsport. There surely is no easier or more affordable way to enjoy your car on a racetrack than to attend their fully supported track events. Kevin



I thought it was fantastic that even though I bought a used Lotus from SSC I was still treated the same as all the other Lotus owners. 

Being as busy as I was on the phone all day, not being able to leave work behind completely, it was a huge help to have the SSC team telling me to get out on track because my session was about to start!

The driving tips, the mechanical tips (keep your fuel tank topped up for turn 1!) amongst other things all add up to a first class track experience.

Cant wait for the next one. David