2020 Burrows Drive Days with Simply Sports Cars


Ever wanted to feel like a pro driver for a day?

By attending an exclusive Burrows Drive Day with Simply Sports Cars, that dream can become a reality.

Held at Sydney Motorsport Park, the invite-only Burrows Drive Days are designed for those wishing to experience the performance of their sports car in a controlled environment, with professional driving instruction available.

Simply Sports Cars holds a permanent number of slots at each Burrows Drive Day. This enables our Lotus and KTM owners’ access to this ultra-exclusive, private track day experience.

SSC community participants can expect star treatment, with trackside mechanical and engineering support in our Lotus pit lane garage. With a gourmet lunch, espresso coffee and light refreshments available throughout the day, we’ll also ensure you won’t go hungry.

The Price for this incredible experience is only $685, inc GST

2020 Burrows Drive Days with Simply Sports Cars

  • Thurs 19th March
  • Thurs 16th April
  • Tues 26th May 
  • Thurs 25th June
  • Thurs 6th Aug
  • Thurs 17th Sept 
  • Wed 21st Oct 
  • Wed 11th Nov
  • Thu 10th Dec

What’s included

  • Guaranteed Burrows Drive Day entry
  • Early bird access to future Burrows Drive Days
  • Six 20-minute track driving sessions 
  • Each group has a low density to get the environment safe
  • Groups are separated by experience: NEW, INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED
  • Trackside flag marshals and on-site medical support services
  • Exclusive SSC pit garage access
  • SSC trackside mechanic and engineering support
  • Gourmet lunch with espresso coffee and light refreshments throughout

Optional SSC Driver Training

Personalised driver training by our SSC Driving Instructors is available. Participants receive two in-car coaching sessions, with mentoring and advice on-tap throughout the day, to increase your track knowledge. Driver Coach Price is $200 inc GST. 

To express interest in attending an event, please complete our request form and we will be in touch. Places in the Driver Training are limited, so please advise that you wish to participate. Entries will be confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis.


Event requirements

  • Drivers must hold a current driver’s licence
  • An ADR-compliant helmet must always be worn while on-circuit
  • Clothing must be non-synthetic and cover ‘neck to wrist to ankles’
  • Appropriate covered footwear
  • Vehicles must be road registered and in roadworthy condition prior to entering the circuit
  • Entrants must complete and sign the pre-track scrutineering form that will be provided by the event organiser. This must be presented at the circuit before participation is granted


Timings on the day

  • Arrival from 7:45 am and all participants will be required to attend the compulsory driver’s briefing
  • Each group will receive six 20-minute driving sessions on an alternating basis, throughout the day, weather and track closer may alter this or reduce sessions on the day.
  • Event conclusion will be at approximately 4:00 pm


SSC Burrows booking and refund policy

The following payment and refund policies apply:

  • Bookings require payment in full, six weeks prior to the event.
  • Cancellation within 30 days results in no refund. *

*If possible, a replacement driver will be found, and a full refund minus a $100 administration fee will apply.


Frequently asked questions
What if this is my first track day?

That is perfectly fine, you will be allocated to the ‘NEW’ group. This group received inclusive, step-by-step guidance to ease you into the track day experience and maximise your enjoyment.


Is a Burrows Drive Day a racing event?

No, there is no timing or racing allowed for this event. The focus is on enjoying your performance vehicle in a controlled environment with no pressure.


What type of cars will I see? 

Every major exotic car brand you can name from Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Jaguar and others. We’ve even seen two Ferrari F40s hit the track during a Burrows Drive Day event.

Do I need a roll cage? 

No, a road registered Lotus or KTM sports car is all that is required.

How fast can I go? 

There are no speed limits during a Burrows Drive Day, however, the day is designed to be as safe as possible. Drivers are allocated into pre-determined groups based on the prior driving experience and history.

Will other cars be on the track at the same time as me? 

There will be up to 25 other vehicles on the track at any one time.

Do I need special tyres? 

You can use your regular road tyres but another performance-orientated rubber is available for your Lotus or KTM vehicle. Feel free to ask us for any advice.


Is extra fuel available? 

The circuit has on-site fuel available. There is also a service station nearby. Either option offers 98 RON unleaded.

Are spectators allowed? 

Yes, you can bring spectators but they must obey all instructions given to them. Note the gourmet lunch is for the driver only; extra lunch places can be purchased prior to the day.