Lotus Elise Sport 220 Racing Green
Sports Car

Buy this Lotus Elise convertible sports car with everything you need to do a track day tomorrow. This single owner, used, Racing Green Lotus Elise sports car is for sale in Sydney or Melbourne and has everything you need to literally drive out of our car dealership and do a track day, Targa Rally Event or one of our Driver Training Programs. 


All the hard work has been done for you, just drive this manual, rear wheel drive sports convertible for sale that was bought new from our car dealership in Sydney.


  • Balance of new car Lotus warranty
  • Single owner & full service history with SSC


  • Factory fitted options include;
    • - Metallic signature paint in Racing Green
    • - Interior colour pack & stiching
    • - Floor mats
    • - Cruise control
    • - Air conditioning
    • - Colour coded removeable hard top
    • - Removeable soft top
    • - Colour matching rear and front panels


  • Aftermarket items include;
    • - Opticoat Pro+ ceramic paint protection
    • - Opticoat Pro+ seat fabric protection
    • - Opticoat Pro+ wheel & front windscreen protection
    • - Ozi Cozi front and side sill body wrap
    • - Window tinting
    • - Front and rear tow hooks
    • - Harness safety bar & driver / passenger seat harness
    • - Toe Link Kit with professional re-alignment
    • - CAMS compliant fire extinguisher & bracket
    • - DS2550 front brake pads
    • - Concealed sub woofer behind the driver seat
    • - Pioneer Bluetooth stereo head unit + front/rear speakers
    • - SSC front numberplate holder

Key facts

Sport 220
Racing Green
Fuel type
Green star rating


How much does a Lotus cost in Australia?

- A brand new Lotus Elise in Australia costs $87,990 excluding govt charges. A used Lotus Elise sports car can be bought for between $30,000 and $80,000 depending on the age, model and specification.


Do they still make Lotus Elise?

- The Lotus Elise is still made in the production factory in Norwich, England.


What is the cheapest Lotus car?

- The cheapest Lotus car is the Lotus Elise in Australia that costs $87,990 excluding govt charges


Is the Lotus Elise come with a supercharged engine?

- Older model Lotus Elise sports cars came with a Rover Engine which was upgraded to Toyota based engines in recent years. The Lotus Elise Sport 220 convertible sports car has a supercharged 1.8 litre engine.


Does Lotus Elise have power steering?

- The Lotus Elise does not have power steering, it has been designed as a lightweight sports car with incredible handling where you can feel every movement in your fingertips through the steering wheel.


Are Lotus cars reliable?

- Yes the Lotus Elise is extremely reliable as it uses a Toyota sourced drivetrain which is economical, efficient and reliable. The Lotus Engineering team apply their knowledge and understanding to add the electronics and supercharging performance to turn the Elise into an incredible sports car driving experience.


Can you daily drive a Lotus Elise?

- Yes you can daily drive a Lotus Elise. The Sport 220 that is available brand new or used in Australia will typically have air conditioning, cruise control, stereo and other comforts that make daily driving very enjoyable.


Is a Lotus Elise a supercar?

- A Lotus Elise is a sports car that has supercar looks. Everywhere you drive the Lotus Elise you will turn heads with its incredible design and small size. The Lotus Elise wll outperform quite a few supercars when you do a track day because it is light, efficient and has incredible handling.


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