What is a Burrows Drive Day? Simply Sports Cars supported track day in Sydney



The Burrows Drive Day is a private, invite only, track day at Sydney Motorsport Park which is supported by Simply Sports Cars for Lotus & KTM owners. We have a regular booking with a limited number of places available each month which includes our exclusive pit garage facility, optional dedicated driving instructor as well as trackside mechanic & engineering support.

It's your chance to feel like a race driver for the day. Attendees are strictly owners of excotic sports cars and supercars only.


- Guaranteed Burrows Drive Day booking
- Earlybird access to future Burrows Drive Days
- 6 x 20 minute driving sessions
- Groups of 25 or less cars
- Separate driving groups; NEW, INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED
- Trackside flag marshals and medical support services.
- Exclusive pit garage area
- Trackside mechanic & engineer support
- Gourmet lunch
- Espresso coffee & light refreshments
- Shared pool of driving instructors for 2 lap sessions

  Option 1 - $650 inc gst

  - Burrows Drive Day place
  - Exclusive to drivers who have booked via SSC
  - Dedicated SSC Driving Instructor sessions
  - 2 to 3 x full driving sessions 

  Option 2 - $600 inc gst
  - Burrows Drive Day place

  Option 3 - $150 inc gst
  - Track support only
  - for those who already have a spot booked
  - Access to our exclusive pit garage area
  - Trackside mechanic & engineer support

to make a booking email events@simplysportscars.com

Current driver’s license
- A regulation helmet must be worn at all times whilst driving on the circuit.
- Non- synthetic "neck to wrist to ankles" clothing and suitable footwear should also be worn. Thongs, open sandals, high heeled shoes, and Nylon joggers are forbidden.
- Vehicles must be registered and in a roadworthy condition prior to entering the circuit.
- All drivers must complete and sign the pre-track scrutineering form provided by the Event Organiser and present it at registration before participating in the event.

From 7.45am and all drivers will be required to attend a compulsory drivers briefing.
- The day concludes around 4pm


-  What if this is my first track day? That is perfectly fine, you will be allocated into the ‘NEW’ group who receive step by step guidance on the day to maximise your enjoyment.

-  Is a Burrows Drive Day a racing event? No, there is no timing or racing allowed for this event.

-  Is this a public event? No, it is ‘by invite only’ and made open to a select group of people with verysmall group sessions and plenty of track time during the day.

-  What type of cars will I see? Every major exotic car brand you can name from Ferrari, Porsche,Lamborghini, Jaguar and others. We’ve been lucky enough to see two Ferrari F40’s hit the trackduring a Burrows Drive Day event.

-  Do I need a roll cage? No, a road registered Lotus or KTM sports car is all that is required.

-  How fast can I go? There are no speed limits during a Burrows Drive Day but the day is run to be as safe as possible with Drivers allocated into pre-determined groups based on prior driving experience and history.

-  Will other cars be on the track at the same time as me? Yes there will be up to 30 other vehicles on the track at any one time.

-  Do I need special tyres? No you can use your regular road tyres but other performance orientated versions are available.

-  Is extra fuel available? Yes the circuit has on-site fuel available or there is a service station up the road.

-  Are specators allowed? Yes you can bring spectators but they must obey all instructions given to them. Note the gourmet lunch is for the Driver only, extra places can be purchased on the day.


  • -  Wednesday 18th April

  • -  Thursday 24th May

  • -  Wednesday 20th June

  • -  Wednesday 15th Aug

  • -  Tuesday 9th Oc

  • -  Wednesday 14th Nov

  • -  Monday 10th Dec



Send an email to events@simplysportscars.com
- your preferred date/s
- which Option you are choosing
- preferred group & we will then confirm availability.