New Lotus sports car Dealership in Melbourne


Lotus Cars Australia expands Victorian network

Ÿ- New Lotus Melbourne premises 

Ÿ- New Simply Sports Cars Lotus Dealership to open

Ÿ- Increased focus in Victoria for Owners to live the ‘Lotus Lifestyle’ Ÿ New Lotus Exige, Elise and Evora 400 available for road or track

Lotus Cars Australia are pleased to announce the expansion of our Victorian Dealer network. Victoria has some of the best race tracks and driving roads in Australia which are perfect for a Lotus Owner to truly enjoy their sports car. 


Two locations will be available;

1) A new Lotus Melbourne Dealership is located within Zagame Autosport,a dedicated sports car and motorsport facility in Richmond, Melbourne. 

2) A new dealership near the city centre will be open in October for Australia’s leading Lotus specialist Simply Sports Cars. They will bring their unique approach of fostering a sense of lifestyle and community that comes with the Lotus brand via track days, road rally’s and creating other driving experiences for Owners. This new dealership will be run by experienced Lotus racing car driver Mark O’Connor who shares a 10+ year history with brand competing successfully at various levels of motorsport and while being a high respected member of the local Lotus Community.

Quotation from the CEO of Lotus Cars Australia, Lee Knappett

“We have always felt the Victorian market wasn’t receiving all the attention it deserved. It has a huge Lotus community, amazing race tracks and some of the best driver’s roads in Australia. We are truly passionate about delivering a lifestyle to our owners so they can really enjoy their cars and now, we have two great places for them to go to, but not only that, both will be run by experienced motorsport professionals with years of knowledge and experience in amazing dedicated facilities.”

“We just had 60 Owners at Wakefield for an exclusive Lotus Only Track Day, we will have 20 Owners at Targa High Country on Mount Buller later this year as well as 12 Owners at Challenge Bathurst too – so we are focussed on creating driving experiences for our Community of Owners”

Quotation from the Director of Sales & Strategy of Simply Sports Cars, Richard Gibbs

“Our brand knowledge and passion for Lotus is very obvious and is a strong reason why we have become the leading dealer in Australia. Having represented the brand for many years we have unrivalled knowledge and experience with the entire Lotus model range (old and new) and how to help our owners enjoy their sports car whether it is a daily driver or for track days or road rally’s. We actively foster building a lifestyle around using a Lotus sports car regularly and I can’t wait to get mine onto Phillip Island with Mark’’

“The timing is perfect with the arrival of the new range of Lotus Elise which is still regarded as the purest sports car you can buy and the new Evora 400 continues to receive rave reviews all around the world for its driver involvement while being the Lotus you can drive every day.” 

Lotus Melbourne said

“We are excited to announce that Lotus Melbourne has successfully relocated to our new home within the Zagame Autosport complex. This provides a dedicated area for all things Lotus in Victoria.

Bruce Astbury (Sales and Lotus Experience Manager) also joins us with vast experience in customer service and grassroots motorsports. We are looking forward to re-launching the Lotus brand in Victoria, a brand with such a deep history in racing.” 



Lotus Melbourne: is run by the Zagame Automotive Group who run over 25 dealerships across Melbourne & will be housed within the Autosport Division of Zagame Automotive.

New Melbourne address: 116 Cremorne Street Richmond
For more information about Lotus Melbourne phone: 03 9270 7000 


Simply Sports Cars: Founded in 2006 by Engineer Lee Knappett who initially provided support for the single-make Lotus series in Australia. As Simply Sports Cars reputation for designing products and offering services grew, news filtered down to track day enthusiasts and other road car owners who simply sought quality servicing and repairs, carried out by experienced professionals.

By 2013 Simply Sports Cars was granted exclusive dealership rights for the NSW territory. The dealership quickly became number 1 nationally and now operates out of a purpose-built facility equipped for all Lotus needs from routine servicing, repairs, upgrades, spare parts to full competition race-car builds.

New Melbourne address: 379-383 City Rd, Southbank VIC 3006, Australia
For more information about Simply Sports Cars please contact; phone: 02 9764 8424 7777