Eastern Creek Track Days

The Simply Sports Cars team makes it easy & enjoyable to do a track day at Sydney Motorsport Park Eastern Creek with mid-week sessions available during the year. Don’t do a track day on your own, join us & spend the day with other sports car enthusiasts with our track side mechanic and engineering support.

Track day in Sydney for beginner or experienced drivers

Our track events are welcoming, all inclusive, environments where passionate driving enthusiasts get to enjoy the use of a race track in an exclusive Simply Sports Cars group.

For those that are too busy for a track day or weekend events, a track night is a perfect way to get racing circuit time with your road registered sports car for high speed driving in a safe environment. Sydney Motorsport Park is one fo the few tracks in the world you can drive on at night.


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"Every aspect was top notch. As a first timer the Simply Sportscar guys could not do enough to help out. At the end of the day I asked where I could sign up for next one."

"Very well run day and of course the track is awesome. All the Lotus club people are great and it’s just about the driving and enjoying the experience."



  • Mid week track sessions
  • Driving instructors available
  • Trackside support
  • Morning or afternoon groups
  • Beginer, intermediate or advanced groups


Sydney Motorsport Park Eastern Creek

Gardner GP Circuit


The majority of track day participants use their road registered Lotus Exige, Elise or Evora that are driven to each event. Some owners will opt to have their vehicle transported on a trailer but essentially you need a Lotus vehicle and appropriate track license to be involved.


  • Registration & driver briefing
  • Groups are alternated in 15-20 minute sessions
  • Morning or afternoon groups
  • There is no official timing


$495 INC GST



See what Brian thinks about our track days

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Greg's review of our track days

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Driver interviews from our events

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Driver interviews

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"Organising awesome track day events like Bathurst,as well as Eastern Creek & Wakefield with great support."

"Well done Mark and the team at Lotus Australia for an amazing day. So lucky to be part of the Lotus community and get to experience such great events."


Simply Sports Cars Dealership in Australia running Burrows Drive Day track day sessions

Sydney Motorsport Park at Eastern Creek is one of the best motorsport facilities in Australia and it has been used to host all kinds of international events. With multiple configurations & the ability to host track days or nights it is a great way to drive fast in a controlled environment.



“Absolutely fantastic event, i cant wait for the next one. Well done to the team at Simply Sports cars for continuously putting on such amazing events which allow spirited drivers such as myself to enjoy my lotus the way it was intended to be driven.”
Angelo Tzikas


“Thanks to Lee and and all the scc crew. It was an amazing day. It felt very privileged to have smsp all to ourselves. some cracking times were had.”



“I had a great experience at the recent Lotus track day at Eastern Creek. As always, the event was brilliantly run – with great technical support from Simply Sports Cars. I also enjoyed the venue – being 20 minutes from home is a real bonus. Thanks Richard, Lee, Richie, Mark and the rest of the SSC crew!”
Peter Wolsey 



“Awesome day, plenty of track time, considerate drivers, lots of spirited fun.”
Peter Ireland




“Bought my Lotus from them in 2013, have used them ever since for servicing & work, and attended a number of track events with them. Absolutely faultless, huge part of what makes Lotus ownership experience in Australia better than any other car I’ve owned by far. Simply the best. “
Peter Roberts



“Really enjoyed the track day and the social evening before.  Coming from the bush, I don’t often get the opportunity  to meet with like-minded spirits. Looking forward to Winton. See you there”
Trevor James


“Just a quick note to thank the Simply Sports Team for yesterday’s great event. The day ran so smoothly and just got better and better. As Josh noted, these are great Lotus community gatherings and you at Simply Sports need to be congratulated for not only the concept but the effort that must go on behind the scenes to run these fantastic events. Special thanks to Adrian who went out of his way to look at our intermittent (the worst) misfire and of course your Barista, Stuart (-:” 
Ian & Josh Ponton

“I want to thank you and everyone involved for a fantastic day yesterday. It was my first sprint outing but will not be my last. Although starting from a very low base, 1.26, by session 4 I had improved by 10s , lunch and age then slowed me a tad! Was particularly thankful with how courteous everyone was on track. Special thanks to Paul who featured me very briefly in the video posted (following SSC Evora) Can’t make Winton but will book next year. Thanks again”
Peter Shorten


“Thanks for a great day, and for making me feel welcome. It was quite hard bringing Elijah’s car down for a run. I am glad that I did. I look forward to making it to a few more LOTD’s in the future.”
Tom Cunneen


“This was my first track day in the 250 Cup since taking delivery a few months ago. Driving the car on the street, you’d be forgiven for thinking it its just a tarted up Elise. However, when you get to the circuit, the car really comes alive, and shows you that its a serious weapon. All those little changes – a bit less weight, a bit more power, ligher wheels, the aero, the suspension, the R Spec tyres, they all come together to push the 250 round the circuit faster and faster. My lap times fell in every session.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the car and the crew of SSC, who are always there to help out on the day. Looking forward to Winton and shaving some more seconds off my times!”


“The SSC team pulled off another stunning LOTD at Wakefield! A crisp clear start to the day promised great things & the entire team is to be congratulated on an extremely well organised, managed and supported track day. Driver assistance/instruction from highly experienced drivers was an absolute bonus and greatly appreciated! Well done to Lee and the entire team from SSC for a fantastic, safe day.”



“Congratulations on yesterday. It was a bucket list event which you guys did well to pull off. Not only did you bring it about, but you organised it in probably the most professional and seemless way I’ve seen- and I’ve seen a few LOTDs.

I confess to going into the day with trepidation- and rightly so it’s a scary track, but I became more comfortable as the day progressed and I absolutely loved it. (By the way Mark, I dropped 6 seconds in my last session- your advice not to push really worked!)

It’s also a tribute to the Lotus community that track behavior is respectful and predictable. In any other group I would be worried about going up Mt Straight in a Congo line at 180- don’t tell anyone.  Great dinner and lunch. The boys at SSC are a class act as usual. Always happy helpful and supportive.  Also I benefited from advice from Bart who is a terrific communicator. He genuinely cares which is a rare factor when dealing with a numpty like me. “




“So I got an Exige V6 , went to Bathurst , had a ball and  all within 5 days . Now the question is what other dealership could do this………..”



“Fabulous day. Sign me up for next one. Superbly organised. Thanks to all who made it a success”



” Thank you Mark and Lee and team SSC. What terrific events. Was great to catch up with you all. I gave a Porsche and VW Golf R owner a tour of the  assembled Lotus cars and he was impressed enough with the cars and the incredibly professional SSC organization he is now looking for an Exige.”



“Thank you to SSC and Lotus Family for the opportunity to be part of the Bathurst LOTD. An incredible experience. “



​”Phew…..Just walked in the door twenty minutes ago…..after spending 9 hours on the hume reflecting on what a epic adventure that was! I can only echo the thoughts already shared re the whole day. Hugs and Kisses to Mark,Lee, the SSC Crew and our sensational Lotus community. God damn we are lucky to have these guys and each other to share our automotive passion. Thanks for helping me ticking off one of my bucket list tracks!!! “




“After a great day BIG thanks to everyone at SSC – Had a ball. BUT, Just as Richie and the boys were leaving, I found my front pads were down to the metal. Caught them as they were leaving and they unpacked their van, found some Pagids, jacked my car up beside the road out of the track and had me fitted up within 20 minutes.  Thank you SO much.  True service as usual from the boys at SSC. I can now drive all the way to Qld.”




“What a day.  It was great to see so many faces from all around the country and for once at an LOTD, there was actually time to catch up with most of them.  The circuit blew my mind a bit but was still smiling at the end the day.  I think it was relief!  Got home last night just before midnight and slept the sleep of just.

Mark and Lee really put their c$%k’s on the block to make yesterday happen, so a huge thanks to them and the entire SSC team for their commitment and dedication to making sure we all had a good time.  Thanks also to all the other participants for your cameraderie and general joviality.”




” Wow – what a fabulous event ! Dinner , driving , comraderie , all first class . Can’t beat it . Thanks Mark , Lee and team SSC. Dave , Tim , for me , of special note was a wonderful chat with Greg , he was having the best time – he’s very proud of you two and LOVED the HPE . Family time is great time .

Just about converted a mate who was coincidentally there in his 911 with Evolve … he was amazed by the number of Lotus , the smiling faces and commented on the quality of Lotus driving”



“Home and unloaded – a million thanks to the SSC team please Paul and HUGE thanks to Lee, Mark, and all the SSC team for an amazing day. As has already been said by Dave, this sort of event doesn’t just happen, so massive thanks again chaps! Thank you too to everyone who was there – as always it was a delight to catch up with all the familiar faces, and it was also a great pleasure to meet so many new ones too! Quite a lot probably not on here, but for those who are, thank you! Can’t wait for PI in November – now that’s called bookends”





“I can’t thank Lee, Mark and the Team enough for having the nuts to get this Bathurst LOTD up and running. I do hope we can come back next year!!! Thanks you to ALL of the SCC crew. Incredibly well organised day. As always – great to catch up with so many mates.”



“Have put my bro-in-law back on the plane to Perth. He was totally delighted after an amazing Bathurst experience with Lotus and SSC – especially as he got more laps in the Drive category in my car than we got in sprint. While he’s not ready to sell his 500+ HP HSV race Ute yet, he was very impressed with the Lotus handling and the comradeship between the extended Lotus “family”. Thanks again to Lee, Mark. Paul & Emma for an amazing couple of days at the mountain. Bring on the next 2 LOTD’s – especially at the Island!”




“Excellent way to spend a day. Bathurst, great mates, great food and Lotuses. What could be better. Thank you for all the hard work to make it such a success . I know that it doesn’t just happen. My Exige worked hard all day with Dad and I sharing it. It never complained and just keep revving all day and while I should have been quicker I’m happy with the times and left something on the table to chase next year. Dad even managed a 2:55 which is not bad for a 77 year old codger in a NA S1 Exige.”



“Mark and the SSC team, Sensational, your really do set the standard for a sprint event.  It was great to catchup with everybody and I couldn’t asked for a better day, even managed to drop my PB by 5 seconds.”



“All I can say it was one of my all time car experiences loved every minute”



“To all of my extended Lotus family, it has all been said but an epic day on the famed Mountain. To the cast & crew at SSC – champion effort as always team, your support and professionalism is second to none. To the old and new friend met over the past couple of days – I can only you all had an absolute rush driving the famed Mount Panorama. Larry and I thank you all for a thrill of a lifetime.”



“Brilliant day and huge thanks to the SSC team for giving us this opportunity.   Bathurst exceeded all expectations by a big margin!” 



“Home safe. Excellent day. Thank you all”



“Likewise. Awesome day and company as always. I came ….. I saw ….. I didn’t conquer  Firstly congrats to the Guys and Girls at SSC for organising and running a sensational event ….. you just keep raising the bar. The track is a unique challenge ….. so many blind corners and camber changes ….. I was just starting to get my head around it in the last session ….. I will be back.  Lastly as always it was sharing a unique experience with such an awesome group of people. So thank you all”



“Thank you all as well. Great day so well organised and it’s locked in the memory bank- bucket list – tick… SSC is like no other dealership. It’s filled with race engineers and driving enthusiasts. I love that so many have their own Lotus as well. This is an amazing community!



“Morning trip back to the south coast via the locust fields of Goulburn but dreaming of fast corners & the ‘Sess'”



“Thanks to the SSC crew, another fantastic LOTD! Looking forward to Phillip Island”



“Awesome 24 hours. Thx to all who put together a brilliant event.”


“Yeah thanks to all. What an amazing experience. I loved every minute of it.”


“What a great day got to meet some of the faces from Aussieelises and even got to have dinner with Giles !  .. and doubled my knowledge on the Lotus community in 1 day thank you all.”


– Arrival at track
– Registration
– Driver’s Briefing
– Alternating sessions 
– Normal duration is from 8:00am and should be finished by 4:00pm

Yes, we bring our Mechanic & Engineering Crew to the track to provide support and assistance during the day. Its like having your own Factory backed race team at hand.

Yes and entry is free.

Only in the Drive group if the Driver has a full CAMS License & with approval from the Event Organiser. Although this is normally reserved for instructors.
Generally speaking there are not. At some tracks there may be a local tyre dealer but they may not have the exact tyre/size required. We will try and carry a spare set but these are for emergencies to enable someone to drive home. We would recommend having your tyres checked before doing a track day and/or having a spare set of tyres/rims for track use only so that you can better manage your usage. Also consider your potential usage to drive to the track, drive all day & drive home again, plan ahead.
No, they aren’t mandatory. Although fitting an R Spec Road Tyre will transform your Lotus and provide lots of grip to let you really explore the limits on the track. A full slick isn’t really required unless perhaps you are running a Race Car or looking for a competitive edge in the Race Group.
We would suggest contacting your Insurance Provider and checking the details of your policy. Some providers may provide coverage for a single track activity or for ‘driver training’. You will be required to sign an Indemnity Form on the day during the registration process.
No, unfortunately it isn’t. Some tracks may have on-site facilities, alternatively bringing a spare jerry can is advisable.
You need to be fully covered with long sleeve clothing & helmet. Some people choose to wear driving boots and/or shoes, gloves and a racesuit to be completely comfortable and safe.