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The iconic Lotus Elise - long celebrated as one of the purest sports cars money can buy. Few cars can rival its tactile agility. A mid-engined, rear-wheel drive with an ultra-responsive chassis, utilising lightweight materials such as aluminium and composite deliver the ultimate driving sensation, providing phenomenal feedback with surefooted handling. 

...The Elise makes even a trip to the shops an adventure, with steering so feelsome it’s like running the palm of your hand down the tarmac itself. You can feel road cambers that you won’t have a clue about from the helm of any sports saloon, and when the car starts to reach the limits of its considerable grip, your bum will telegraph the situation to you well in advance... Top Gear



A true sports car with a tacticle, direct driving feel. The Lotus Elise cars weigh as little as 866kgs to create an agile and very nimble vehicle which will have you searching for the closest corner or bend. No power steering or fancy electronics you get to feel everything through your fingertips, feet & seat of your pants.

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Elise Sport

  • $74,990 excl govt charges
  • 100kW, 160Nm
  • 0-100 km/h 6.5 secs
  • Max speed 204 km/h
  • 866 kg unladen weight
  • 6.3l/100km combined 

The Lotus Elise Sport is the simplest & lightest vehicle in the range - light agile chassis, 6 speed sports gearbox, removable soft top & sports suspension.

3-Year Unlimited Kilometre Warranty & 3-Year Roadside Assistance.


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Elise Sport 220

  • $84,990 excl govt charges
  • 162kW, 250Nm
  • 0-100 km/h 4.6 secs
  • Max speed 234 km/h
  • 914 kg unladen weight
  • 7.5l/100km combined 

The Lotus Elise Sport 220 is a recipe for fun - the added supercharger with the light agile chassis, 6 speed sports gearbox, removable soft top & sports suspension equals amazing performance.

3-Year Unlimited Kilometre Warranty & 3-Year Roadside Assistance.

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Elise Cup 250

  • $104,990 excl govt charges
  • 181kW, 250Nm
  • 0-100 km/h 4.3 secs
  • Max speed 248 km/h
  • 931 kg unladen weight
  • 7.5l/100km combined 

The Lotus Elise Cup 250 is the sports car ready for the race track, the fastest road going Lotus Elise ever - supercharger, aero body kit with rear wing, light agile chassis, 6 speed sports gearbox & sports suspension.

3-Year Unlimited Kilometre Warranty & 3-Year Roadside Assistance.

Options available
for your new Lotus Elise

You can specify from option such as these;
● Leather, Alcantara or Tartan trim
● Removeable hard top
● Auxillary driving lights
● Cruise control
● Lightweight forged alloy wheels (16" front, 17" rear) Silver or Black
● Extra sound insulation, full carpet & floor mats

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Do you want a visceral, pure driving experience? Our cars weigh from just 866 kilograms, ensuring incredible power to weight with a motorsport derived chassis and suspension set up.



Do you want to drive something unique? Around 2,000 Lotus vehicles are hand built each year from our factory in Hethel, Norfolk. A Lotus isn't a vehicle everyone has the pleasure to own.



Do you want trouble free driving? At the heart of every new Lotus is a reliable Toyota-based engine and drivetrain backed by a 3 Year, unlimited kilometre warranty & 3 year roadside assistance.



Do you want affordable servicing? A Lotus’ regular service is just $395 + GST. Intervals are 15,000km's or 12 months depending on your type of usage.



You want go fast performance upgrades?  We sell a range of vehicle enhancements, many designed by our Team using our extensive experience gained on and off the race track.



Do you seek minimal total cost of ownership?  With such lightweight components (and race car derived chassis), consumables such as brakes and tyres aren’t stressed or worn as much as other marques, ensuring to economical running costs for road or track.



Are you after strong re-sale value? The rarity of Lotus in Australia assists better resale values. A new 2014 Exige S was $126,990 & today is valued at $83-$90K privately based on RedBook.



Do you want to be part of a Community? There is a very active group of Australian Lotus Owners with a dedicated national forum & active car club culture catering for track days or various social outings year-round.



You want to drive on a Race Track. We host Lotus Only Track Days, participate in exclusive track events & attend tarmac rallies like Targa High Country with full Mechanic & Engineering Support provided to our Owners.



You want to buy from people who are passionate about cars. 

Our Dealership is staffed by Race Engineers and Mechanics who have been involved in the automotive & motorsport industry for numerous years. We have an open door dealership experience where you can see, feel and hear everything about Lotus including our Race Cars.

It's a place where nearly everyone knows each other by first name including other Owners.

Lotus Elise Sport 220 side profile view