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Now road registrable
in Australia

It has finally arrived, the X-BOW R is for sale in Australia.

You can register it for road use, wearing a helmet to drive it isn't compulsory, it has a reliable Audi sourced engine & drivetrain, it's superlight at just 800kgs with an amazing carbon fibre body just like formula race cars. At home, whether on the road or racetrack, this car is for those who love a pure driving experience.


Ready to Race. Road or Track
Revolutionary. Puristic. Radical.

The production KTM X-BOW is KTM’s interpretation of a super sports car for the 21st century.
"We took the idea of a spartan, lightweight sports car reduced to the bare essentials and transfered it into the new millennium – with as many technological innovations as possible" 
KTM CEO Stefan Pierer.

KTM X-Bow R green front angle


$169,990 plus govt charges

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- 0-100 km/h in 3.9 seconds.
- Maximum speed 231 km/h.
- 100-0 km/h in just 32.9 metres.
- 2.0-litre TFSI engine from Audi
- direct injection, turbocharged with charge air cooling.
- 220kW @ 6,400 rpm & 400Nm @ 3200 rpm.
- 790 kg without fuel.
- Up to 200 kg of downforce generated at 200 km/h.
- Completely flat racing underbody derived from formula racing vehicles.
- Adjustable front suspension with high and low-speed settings, as well as adjustable rebound damping.
- Brembo brake system.
- 4 point safety harness for passenger and driver
- Safety roll bars that can withstand up to 2.5 times the weight of the vehicle.
- Monocoque made completely from composite carbon fibre material.
- Fuel consumption;
  - 11.90L/100km's urban
  - 6.84L/100km's extra urban
  - 8.69L/100km's combined.


KTM X-BOW R Race Pack front angle

Upgrade Options

$14,990 inc gst

- Sports air filter
- Sports exhaust
- Quick shifter
- Race rear wing with high mount stop light
- Side protection drops with re-inforcement arms
- Racing headlight covers
- Alcantara covered steering wheel
- Race inspired front splitter with carbon fibre canards

$49,990 inc gst

- Power upgrade to 268kW up from 220kW 
- Sports air filter with carbon fibre airbox
- Race exhaust (with catalytic converter)
- Quick shifter
- Race rear wing with high mount stop light
- Side protection drops with re-inforcement arms
- Racing headlight covers
- Alcantara covered steering wheel
- Race inspired front splitter with carbon fibre canards
- Adjustable push rods
- Carbon fibre engine cover
- Racing suspension incl springs & dampers
- Adjustable anti-roll bars
- Lightweight 5 stud racing wheels
- Adjustable brake balance
- Racing windshield
- Tow hooks

other options are also available contact us for further details ​

0-100 in 3.9 SECS


- Road registrable in Australia
- Weighs under 800kg's
- Reliable Audi engine/gearbox
- Carbon fibre body

The X-BOW R was designed by race car manufacturer Dallara, the composites experts Wethje, global car company Audi & of course KTM. Raw, lightweight, powerful with motorsport levels of downforce it's fully road registrable in Australia. The driving experience is like few others on the road. It is raw, visceral and entoxicating. Whether it is a quick run to the shops, your favourite back road blast or 200km/h on a race track, the X-BOW R puts a smile on your face everytime.

KTM X-BOW R green front angle

On the essentials

READY TO RACE – This not only applies to KTM motorcycles, but also to the X-BOW. When developing the “R” the focus was on improving both performance data and overall performance. Even more extreme, even faster and even more impressive than previous models. The result is quite outstanding.

Form follows function. The KTM X-BOW R has been designed down to the very last detail as an uncompromising driving machine. Many of the conventional elements aimed purely at comfort have been omitted. No roof, no cupholders, no windscreen or even air-conditioning and entertainment system. It all takes a little getting used to, but it allows concentration on the most important aspect: the driving experience!

Carbon Monocoque
Safety and performance

The KTM X-BOW is the world’s first production vehicle to boast a monocoque made completely from composite carbon fibre material – a trailblazing and pioneering technology, previously reserved exclusively for racing vehicles. Together with Dallara, the specialists at KTM Technologies succeeded in adapting this technology for application in series production.

KTM X-BOW crash box close up

Crash Box

The crash box at the nose of the vehicle provides for additional safety. Thanks to its carbon-aluminium sandwich construction, it even complies with the strict safety regulations of the FIA-GT and Formula 3.  Add things like safety harnesses for passenger and driver combined with roll bars that can withstand 2.5 times the weight of the vehicle and you have a very safe vehicle.

KTM X-BOW monocoque close up


Four layers of carbon fibre, epoxy resin, elaborate handiwork, autoclave technology: All come together to produce the twin-wall, two-part, extremely lightweight carbon monocoque, which is manufactured by composite-fibre specialists in Germany. The result is a carbonfibre construction that provides highest levels of safety, but only weighs 80 kilogrammes – with an unbelievably high torsional stiffness of 35.000 Nm/rad.


The rear end of the KTM X-BOW R accommodates a 300 hp, 2.0-litre TFSI engine from premium manufacturer Audi. The state-of-the-art power unit works with gasoline direct injection and combines the dynamics of turbocharging with highly effective charge air cooling. Alongside outstanding power and torque characteristics, the four cylinder engine surprises above all with its minimal fuel consumption: only 8.3 litres per 100 km in the MVEG cycle.

KTM X-Bow engine performance chart


Naturally, there’s an extensive range of accessories for the KTM X-BOW R. Above all, for those X-BOW owners who like to put their vehicle through its paces on the racetrack there are plenty of options available. 

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    KTM X-Bow R
    Race Pack

    designed for racing


    The KTM X-BOW R doesn't have an upgrades 'list' it has a magazine. It's the ultimate dream to customise your track car with nearly anything you can imagine. Just for starters consider some of these items included in our Club Racer Pack

    - A power upgrade to 268kW (in a car that weighs just 800kgs) 
    - Quick shifting gear mechanism for faster gear changes
    - Alcantara covered steering wheel for ultimate grip
    - Front splitter for more than 200kgs of downforce at 200km/h
    - Adjustable push rods & anti-roll bars with racing suspension
    - Adjustable brake balance & racing ABS system

    ...and that is just for starters, come and have a look at the magazine for more

    KTM X-Bow R Race Pack

    Perfectly by hand

    The KTM X-BOW has been manufactured in a special-purpose plant in Graz since June 2008. One of the world’s most modern limited-production vehicle facilities, built in accordance with the latest standards.

    KTM developed ingenious warehousing, special transport logistics (including specially designed transport containers for the valuable carbon-fibre parts) and special assembly technologies. Around 100 examples of the KTM X-BOW are produced with the greatest precision every year by a small team of specialists.

    However, despite the revolutionary nature of what is probably the most extraordinary super sports car of our time, it is still assembled by hand. Every X-BOW is built with the greatest of care and specific know-how, in compliance with the strictest quality criteria. 


    The whole factory is certified according to ISO standards. Each operation is recorded and logged electronically – even the torque values of every single tightened bolt are automatically archived. So it’s not surprising that the vehicles, which have been sold all around the world, continue to impress the exclusive circle of X-BOW owners.

    A Test Drive

    Experience this truly unique vehicle that can be road registered in Australia. Whether you are looking for a rare vehicle to cruise around town in or a track weapon, the KTM X-Bow is ready.


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