Sports Car

Every Lotus has always shared the same character traits:
Ingenious design, eye-popping power to weight, and a suave yet
rebellious spirit. The three current family members - Elise, Exige
and Evora - embody these attributes perfectly.

Agile, Handles
with flair

The award-winning Evora is available with either the 3.5 litre DOHCV6 VVTi 24-valve or Supercharged 3.5 litre DOHC V6 VVTi 24-valve power train, and with either 6 speed manual or IPS transmission. Loaded with optional extras and the 2+2 seating option as standard. The ‘Sports Pack’ provides switchable sports mode with sharper throttle response, increased rpm limit and sportier setting for Dynamic Performance Management (DPM), sports diffuser and cross-drilled brake discs.

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so many roads,
so little time


The iconic Elise is a two-seat rear wheel drive, mid-engined, open-top sports car, with a highly responsive lightweight chassis. The 1.6 litre version offers remarkable economy and class-leading low C02 emissions of 149 g/km while still delivering phenomenal feedback and responsiveness.

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Elise CR

The Elise Club Racer is a stripped-out version of the Elise, 24kg lighter than the standard Elise sports car, with a stylish interior and unique body colours.

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Elise S

The Elise S is the ultimate evolution of the Elise, a high-revving 1.8 litre VVTL-i engine coupled with a supercharger delivering instant explosive punch and boosts available power to 217 bhp (229 PS).

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Exige s.
pure adrenaline

The latest evolution of the Exige unveiled at the September 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Exige S is a fixed head coupé representing ultra lightweight raw performance combined with unparalleled ride and handling. The Exige S blends the extreme and the sublime, it’s a balance between beauty and the beast, and with its 345 hp (350 PS) supercharged V6 engine it’s not for the faint hearted. Mid mounted, transverse 3.5 litre DOHC V6 VVT-i engine, 4 valves per cylinder, equipped with Harrop HTV 1320 Supercharger utilising Eaton TVS Technology. 0-60 mph 3.8 seconds, 0-100 km/h 4.0 seconds, Max speed 170mph (274 km/h)

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Welcome to
the dealership
like no other

Ownership of a vehicle through SSC Lotus will be a unique dealer experience. Unlike any other dealer in Australia, you deal with a team of engineers and technicians who are dedicated exclusively to the Lotus marque. With over 8 years of experience serving the local Lotus community in servicing, parts supply, track preparation and developing performance products under the Simply Sports Cars brand, they have proven themselves time and time again on both road and race cars as specialists who can help you get the most from your car. That sort of race-proven experience of all things Lotus is precisely why Lotus Australia were proud to make us the Lotus custodians for NSW.

A new dealership
manned by
race engineers

The only dealership of experts in Australia dedicated
to providing you with an even better Lotus experience.

The modern

your lotus Into a
race bred supercar

Simply Sports Cars
australia’s newest
Lotus dealer

The crew renowned for the development of performance parts and upgrades for Lotus cars are now also the go-to guys for your brand new Lotus. Like no other, this team understands that Lotus ownership is uniquely different to owning any other brand of sports car. Their passion for the brand, their decades of expertise and their exceptional engineering skills will be at the foundation of an equally refreshing dealer experience.

SSC Lotus Dealership
Press Release
Press Release

For more information on the announcement please download the PDF press release below

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4 Qualified Engineers; An Automotive, Mechanical and two Mechatronic Engineers all with honours! Race Mechanics with experience in A1GP, V8 supercars and Formula Nippon. And all of them with years dedicated solely to Lotus, designing and manufacturing bespoke performance parts and proving there reliability on race tracks around Australia.

This is the team you want turning
your Lotus into a race bred supercar.
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Featured Projects

SSC Superchargers

At Simply Sports Cars we have been racing different configurations of Supercharged Exiges at the highest levels for several years.

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Plug in Performance ECU’s

Have you ever wanted an ECU that has all the functionality and complete control of an aftermarket ECU without the hassle and risk of cutting into your OEM wiring?

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The ssc Workshop

Simply Sports Cars is dedicated to providing the highest level of servicing and repair work for all Lotus owners. From routine services, to authorised insurance repairs and beyond to performance modifications. We understand that special relationship with you have with your Lotus, and aim to keep the dream alive.

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